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Nature Class

Interested in Working at HLCS?

At Heartland Lakes Community School we are looking for a group of innovative, adaptable, and dedicated staff! This will include classroom Teachers, Specialists, Special Education Teachers, Paraprofessionals, a School Director, an Office Manager, a Business Manager, and a Community School Site Coordinator. 

Think you Might Like it Here? 

Do you Like Being Outside? 

Are you Adaptable? 

Are you Curious? 

Do you believe in the innate ability of every student to succeed? 

Are you willing to try a wildly different type of teaching and learning? 

Do you prioritize Relationships? 

If you answered "yes" - then you just might like it at Heartland Lakes Community School. 

Interested in Applying for a Position?

Fill out the link below to be added to our Job Posting Mailing List: 

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