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Meet Our Teachers

Heartland Lakes Community School exists to empower students to bravely live their truth, to become wise stewards of the land and resources, and to ignite a lasting curiosity that leads to positive change in their school, their communities, their world, and themselves

Meet Our Staff

At Heartland Lakes Community School we are innovative, adaptable, and dedicated to creating a dynamic, and new learning experience for children. 

New Staff Opportunities

Do you Like Being Outside? 

Are you Adaptable? 

Are you Curious? 

Do you believe in the innate ability of every student to succeed? 

Are you willing to try a wildly different type of teaching and learning? 

Do you prioritize Relationships? 

If you answered "yes" - then you just might like it at Heartland Lakes Community School. 

Apply Now!

We are currently seeking classroom Teachers, Specialists, Special Education Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Office Manager,  Business Manager, and a Community School Site Coordinator. 

Fill out the link below to be added to our Job Posting Mailing List: 

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