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Mission Statement

We exist to empower scholars to bravely live their truth, to become wise stewards of the land and resources and to ignite lasting curiosity that leads to positive change in their school, their communities, their world and themselves.

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Our Purpose:

Using the Environment

An emphasis on outdoor learning by using the environment with which we live and learn by utilizing both structured and unstructured outdoor learning spaces; we intend to be an expeditionary learning school where students work together on a specific project throughout the school year to achieve a common goal. HLCS will be a smaller community school with smaller class sizes which will lead to more individualized attention and care.

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Our Guiding Philosophy:

Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child

To develop and meet the needs of the whole child. Providing hands on learning experiences fostering curiosity and allowing students to discover their abilities, values, passions. All members in the school community will strive to take responsibility in their learning, collaborate and build mutual trust so all individuals feel safe and confident to take responsible risks. Our school will intentionally foster a space of inclusivity for all members.

Our Founding Vision

For Our Scholars:

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To empower students:

・To be leaders of their own learning

・To make choices regarding their education

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To bravely live their truth:

・By welcoming and celebrating families and staff of all backgrounds and identities


・Helping students explore other ways of being and examine how multiple perspectives align or digress from their own.

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To ignite lasting curiosity:

Using a cross curricular approach, scholars will learn content and skills through exploring topics from multiple perspectives

Giving students and teachers tools to ask questions and investigate their ideas

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Positive Change in Their School, Their Community and Their World:

HLCS believes in the importance of students becoming producers, rather than consumers.

Our scholars will be equipped to look for problems in their space that they would like to solve.

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Wise stewardship of the land and resources:

・Learning about and appreciating  our natural surrounds in the north woods

・Gardening projects where we are able to use the harvested crop for a healthy breakfast or lunch option

・Expanding education regarding the land as a collaboration with community organizations, such as the DNR

Local Literacy Plan 2024-25

Our Vision Boards

These are our visions for Heartland Lakes Community School

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Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 9.41_edited.jpg

Brainstorm Vision Session

Meet our Founding Board

with a vision for our community.

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Our Authorizer

Heartland Lakes Community School is Authorized by Volunteers of America.

Our Authorizing Liaison is Stephanie Olsen 
Senior Manager, VOA-MN Charter School Authorizing Program 
9220 Bass Lake Rd. Set 255 
New Hope, MN 55428 
(612) 270-1998.

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